Remarketing & Retargeting Services

Keep your customers engaged once they are in your sales funnel.

Our Remarketing campaigns provide your business with a unique opportunity to create targeted ads that are displayed only to users who have been to your home page or specific pages on your site.

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Remarketing & Retargeting Services

Stay Top-Of-Mind With Remarketing And Retargeting Ads

At Left-Clicks, we excel in creating results-driven multi-platform remarketing campaigns. The key to success is creating personalised messages to those who have already interacted with your website or brand, and encouraging them back to your website to complete their purchase or enquiry.

Remarketing is an important part of the sales funnel. It increases brand exposure at the most critical time, reaching potential customers whilst they are considering the products and services of both your business and your competitors. Whether it’s PPC Remarketing on Google Ads or Facebook, we can help generate qualified leads and reduce the cost per conversion through our highly targeted remarketing campaigns.

We turn your clients prospects into customers by re-engaging with them using retargeting & remarketing services.

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Why You Need Remarketing Services

Customers who are retargeted are 70% more likely to convert on our website.

Remarketing Platforms

Top Remarketing Advertising Platforms we cover for faster visible growth

Remarketing is a smart advertising technique which allows you to show your ads to the users who have visited your website earlier. That means it encourages the users to return to your website by softly persuading them by reminding them about your brand with compelling ads on relevant digital spaces. We use different digital spaces for placing our ads and messaging effectively to our potential customers.

Remarketing can be implemented in several ways:

Brand Awareness Campaigns

By targeting audiences similar to your existing customers as well as customers themselves, we can expand your online reach to include users who have not yet interacted with your site, ensuring ‘top of mind’ brand awareness when they are ready to buy.

Standard Remarketing

By using standard Google Ads remarketing, we can re-engage with potential customers by adding the website visitors and app visitors to remarketing lists and then by targeting these lists with display ads.

Display Remarketing

We modify ad messages solely to various user groups relying upon the recently established level of page views, engagement, source the users entered your website or activities they performed on your website.

E-Mail Remarketing

Email Retargeting serves the remarketing display ads across different websites to users who open an email from you. Also reaches out to visitors who have left your website without completing a purchase. Targeted follow-up emails that are used to convince them to come back to your website.


RLSAs (remarketing lists for search ads) allow us to tailor your Google Search campaigns efficiently by showing ads to already-engaged users who have not yet converted on your site, or by creating exclusive offer ads for loyal customers. In this way, we can distribute your spend more effectively to deliver more conversions and a higher ROI.

Social Media Remarketing

Users who have browsed your site can be retargeted on social media with ads based on the products they were looking at. Social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter offer highly customisable audiences which allow us to optimise your retargeting campaigns according to your business goals.

Customer List Remarketing

Customer list Remarketing allows you to target your customers using the data they share with you with Google remarketing ads. Being among the best retargeting advertising companies in India, we provide our clients with the best in class customer list remarketing ad campaigns along with another remarketing ad campaign services.

Website Remarketing

Website remarketing is a great way to target users who have already visited your site as they browse the web, encouraging them to revisit and make a purchase. Using the Google Display Network, we can implement highly segmented audience targeting to attract your most valuable customers and develop your remarketing strategy around this.

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